5 Reasons To Promote Your Next Webinar On Twitter

Twitter: best in class strategy to a successful webinar


It doesn’t matter how great your webinar is if you don’t have any attendees.

As with any content asset, you’ll need to invest significantly in promoting your webinar if you want it to attract an audience. Social media promotion should definitely be part of your plan, but with so many platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to focus your efforts.

With more than 330 million users as of Q4 2017, no matter what your webinar is about, you are sure to find someone who is interested in and could benefit from attending on Twitter.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should definitely be adding Twitter to your next webinar promotion strategy.

1. Your audience is already on Twitter

Because of the sheer size of Twitter, it's safe to assume the people you are trying to target with your webinar are already using the platform. You may have to do a little bit of work to find them so you can target them appropriately with ads, or focus on building relationships with them. But Twitter remains a key touchpoint at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Learn how followers benefit your business

To reach these people with your webinar registration message, start by creating a series of saved advanced searches. Use parameters such as location, sentiment, and language to help you zero in on the people who are talking about your company. Ask questions about the topic you’re covering to help you find more people to connect with. These searches can also help you find pain points, which you can address in the webinar content itself. Use it to start conversations with people you’re not already following – or to scrape lists of accounts to target with ads.

2. It’s easy to find and connect with a variety of demographics

Thanks to features such as hashtags and Twitter lists, you can find and connect with a variety of demographics that has the potential to be interested in your webinar topics. By taking a few minutes to search for popular hashtags related to your niche or webinar topic, you can find untapped audiences to promote your webinar on other events too.

You can also use Twitter chats and lists other members have created to connect with influencers who have their own audiences ready and willing to listen to the recommendations. If you can get just a few of those influencers interested and talking about your event, you will watch it explode in no time.

3. Webinars are becoming more social

Engagement doesn’t just matter on social media, people want interaction with webinars too. Webinars offer many features that can help you improve engagement and activity during the live webinar event. Group chat, polls and, Q&A's were the most commonly used webinar features last year, according to ClickMeeting’s new “ State of Webinars” report. Note that these are similar to some of the key interactions on Twitter.

State of Webinars 2018: The Report Is Here!

As you plan the content for the webinar, plan surveys, polls, and questions you can use along the way to keep the audience involved. You can even post these calls-to-action for audience engagement as tweets to help build anticipation ahead of the event.

4. It’s free to promote your webinars and other events

Posting about your event on Twitter is free. Asking people to retweet your message to their followers is also free. You can use Twitter ads to promote your event to others outside of your audience, but so far, there’s no organic reach shakedown here.

What’s more, if you do go the ads route, you’ll be in complete control of the amount of money you spend promoting your webinar. And, thanks to the analytics data Twitter provides, you can get a clear picture of the return on investment from your advertising campaigns. This helps you gain insights into the interests of audience members who have converted.

5. Your message can spread organically

Twitter and other social media platforms allow your message to spread organically. Any person who sees the news of your webinar can share it with their audience with just a click of a button.


Don't forget to add social media sharing buttons to the thank you page for your webinar registration. This can encourage readers to learn more about the event and share the news with their friends and other contacts.

Twitter m
akes webinar promotion simple

Remember, after the webinar is said and done, you can continue to advertise it on Twitter, both through organic and promoted tweets, promoting an on-demand replay.

You can also use retargeting to advertise special deals only to those who attended the live event, in preparation for your next webinar. Each time you have an event to promote, you can take what you learn from the experience to test and improve your future campaigns. And with the immediacy that’s built into Twitter, the opportunities for optimization over time are huge.


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