5 Reasons Internet Security Is Getting A Ton Of Attention From Marketers

Marketers have large lists of email addresses, but are they safe?


Marketers often have large lists of email addresses to send promotional material to. Some also have leads saved online to access when sales need a boost. Internet security practices are in the limelight for marketers as many work to keep this information safe. CEOs are therefore working on making internet security a priority moving into 2017 to prevent breaching of confidential company information and personal information.

Marketers Lose Market Value

Marketers are leaving a lot of information available for others to steal to get ahead of the game. What happens when your plans are in the hands of the competition? Your competition will take your business from you, discredit you, or cause losses in your market value. Marketers need to pay attention to the varying levels of Internet security options and select a service that will protect their service, their customers, and their confidential files.

It is important to have all of your files backed up onto a removable device that is heavily protected against hacking in the event that some of your confidential information is breached.

Increasing Data Privacy

Marketers should be working with an internal tag management system as a means of defense against data theft. The benefit of using these tag systems is that privacy policies are automatically enforced. It also helps data security privacy ensure consumer information privacy. These programs can stop unwanted website trackers from obtaining any sensitive information.

A tagging program can go as far as restricting how and where data is collected. You can even customize one of these programs to restrict specific vendors or restrict what type of information is collected from a vendor for marketing purposes.

Purchasing Bot Lists

There are some dishonest email list sellers out there. Some are selling email addresses that are actually linked to bots (not real people), and once these bots are in the marketer’s system, some are encrypted with data collection software. This can hinder network security and breach an entire company’s system. It is also wasted money when marketers purchase lists and they think they’re reaching out to a real person, when in fact, their email is just lost in cyberspace somewhere, never to be read by a real person.

Tip for marketers: Place a tracking extension on your email account. You can see when and where an email was read. This will help you contain your leads lists a bit better.

Bots are typically programmed with specific responses. These responses are often in broken English with multiple grammatical errors. Always pay attention to the email address when you are reviewing an email. If it is not from a domain that you recognize, report it. A marketer may not even know that their account has been marketed and reporting this issue will help them become notified.

Loss of Important Contacts via Hackers

A marketer with a saved contacts list or a company with thousands of contacts can be the victims of Internet hackers. Hackers can get into contact lists and steal all of them. You could login to begin sending out cold emails, follow-ups, or to send a new promotion and find that you have zero contacts.

This simply means that your files were not kept safe enough. Marketers can take a big hit when attackers steal contacts, profiles, and personal information. In some cases, it can ruin a marketer’s career entirely.

Deletion of Company Profiles

There have been cases where Internet hackers have gone in and removed entire company profiles. Online security for business is available for a reason. How detrimental would it be for your business if you logged into an account, especially an active social media account, and your company no longer existed? It has happened to marketers and CEOs that neglected to have the proper cybersecurity practices in place.

Final Thoughts

Marketers should focus on security more moving forward. Many think that a simple list of contacts or email addresses has no value to hackers; this is where you are wrong. These contact lists, data reports, and confidential information can help a hacker completely ruin your business and personal credibility with your clients. It is important to protect your information and step up your Internet security practices to protect yourself, your company, and your vendors/customers.

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