5 Reasons Why Industries Are Adopting MS HoloLens

Microsoft’s HoloLens is a new kind of reality in industries


MS HoloLens is still at its early stage, but it has high potential to change the face of how industries will operate in near future. HoloLens application development has much more to offer businesses than one may think. It is for the industries to decide on the functional use of the HoloLens business applications.

HoloLens is ultimately making user lives easier as industries invest in future economies and generate new ways for process optimization. The industrial transformation is being adopted faster today as it brings returns in short time. In fact, various industries are now in search to hire HoloLens developers and personalize their applications

This article will share 5 major reasons on why industries should adopt HoloLens:

1. Explore and customize the products without physically moving them

HoloLens is a well-designed head-mounted gadget with transparent lenses; a PC in itself. Hence, it allows the user to interact with visual realistic product models in 3D, without physically moving them. This benefit is acute for manufacturers and merchants as it eliminates the costs of expensive showrooms, huge inventory, and employing a large sales force. 

2. Allowing free movement around spaces

HoloLens uses hand gestures and provides peripheral conserved vision. It has no wires and no PC connection, allowing free movement around spaces such as offices and showrooms. With this benefit, retailers in any industry can easily move around premises and conduct inventories in huge warehouses. This enables data entry of multiple products by simply using HoloLens in real time and as well as saving transportation time. 

3. High-quality customization with complete user base

Training in industries is often a significant cost, but with the use of HoloLens, the hardware specialists and field workers are able to learn installation and functionality correctly. Industries don't need the financial/human resources and infrastructure to run training anymore. High-quality customization and intensive learning capabilities on complete user base are accessible without leaving the comfort of homes. HoloLens has enabled time saving at the touch of fingertips.

4. Supports live data from IoT enabled device

HoloLens supports live data feed and it is compatible with IoT enabled machines. The production environment can highly benefit from this feature for equipment controllers, as they plan processes and maintenance work. Technicians can receive remote assistance by subject matter that provides visual and audible instructions through HoloLens. The experts can as well see the onsite technicians’ view in real time and draw visuals to assist with quality check and repairs.

5. Designing ability with 3D technology

With HoloLens, industrial users can create 3D designs in actual real environment and it is as real as it gets. Multiple designers can interact with the visuals of product model at different levels of product design. Designers can also share ideas from remote locations and eliminate travel costs and save time.

HoloLens with its combined AR and VR abilities opens a new horizon of marketing, designing, training, and product presentation. Many consumers worldwide have agreed that developing a HoloLens for business can be favorable in various ways. More and more users are already developing industrial apps for HoloLens. The coming of HoloLens is surely promising as it does not require things to be constructed, transported, and maintained. To enjoy the real benefits of HoloLens, industries must invest at emerging level and have a committed heart towards e-commerce.


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