5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Implementing A Chatbot In Your Business

Chatbots are the apps of future


We are in an era where we have just witnessed an explosion of technology development first hand. Today the excitement of technology being new doesn’t last very long; on the contrary, there’s always something that is waiting to become the next big thing.

However, there’s one technology that loops back to the top every now and then. Each time, with features that can make a tech-loving adult act like a 13 year old kid. The popularity of this technology has seen a major hike in recent years and is still growing amongst enterprises. So which technology are we looking at? Why is it so famous? What is it that is luring businessmen to incorporate it in their business? Most importantly, what are the questions one needs to answer before implementing this tech in their business?

The tech being discussed over here is chatbots. A computer program designed in a way which can simulate human conversation over the internet. This helps businesses to save time and money, responding to the customers at any odd hours. It also helps businesses to create the precise database which can be used in promoting/pitching their product. With a chatbot by their side, enterprises can take their business to a new level. This might be the reason that companies are investing heavily in this technology. 

Chatbots are the apps of future; however, they are not the sorcerer’s stone that everybody thinks chatbots might be. The technology is still in the development phase with a lot of research being done into making chatbots truly intelligent. They are learning not just to respond on pre-asked queries or some act based on some rules but also to understand the behavior and temperament of a customer by the way he/she is talking. AI is the DNA of chatbots, however calling it the ultimate business platform is yet a long shot.

Implementing chatbots in your business

It may be falling a bit short of perfect, but a chatbot is a helpful tool for any business. However, before one actually incorporates the tech into the business there are certain things that one must keep in mind.

Let’s take a walk to know the 5 key points that one must understand prior to using chatbot in the business. 

1. Identify the need: 

Before you make the decision to implement chatbot in your business, the first and the foremost thing you must do is ask yourself why you need the tech. Do you actually need the conversational interface in your business processes? If yes, then what will be the optimum place to implement it? Are your current issues so complex that you need a bot for solving them? Or, do you want to develop a chatbot just because your competition is developing one?

These are some of the questions one must ask in order to identify the necessity of implementing a chatbot for business.

2. How are you going to build one?

Once you have identified the need and have decided to implement the chatbot in your business, then you need to figure out how to build it. Are going to hire a chatbot development company or use your in-house assets to develop one for you? You must take a note of the expertise and technologies you have in comparison with other chatbot developers. Are the plug-in tools required for the platform to operate in your system already available with you or do you need to purchase them?

3. Whom are you going to target?

Once you are done with both the first two steps, the next step is deciding the target audience. Whatever your business model might be, figure out the people you are going to target. This step can be considered as the most crucial point to think over. A receptive audience may lead to a better output of the money and time you invested in developing the chatbot for your business. Make sure you identify the challenges your targeted audience is currently facing and check whether the bot you developed is meeting the expectations of the people.

4. It’s a single drop that makes an ocean – have patience with technology

Like any other technologies that are doing extremely well today, understand this: it took a specific time for each of them to reach their current status. So when you are thinking of applying this conversational interface in your business remember, it will take a little bit more time than you thought to deliver the outcome you desired. You need to have patience.

5. Need to train your chatbot as your brand representative

You must make sure that the development of the bot is done with respect to your business model. The implemented chatbot must learn the functioning of the processes you incorporate in your business. Most importantly, you need to be certain that the tech you are using is able to provide satisfying answers to your customers.

These are the 5 milestones one must cross before implementing chatbot into business. Chatbots are bound to make an impact in business community, but not just yet. It still needs time to learn, to understand and perfect the human conversation and efficiently use it to derive better output for your business.


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