5 Most Common Ways Hackers Can Break Into Your Business

The best way to build stronger defenses is to identify your company's weak spots


In the world of internet security and IT safety there are many things to consider. The problem of cyber crime is not so easy to omit and building a strong defense is a crucial step for all types of businesses. The best way to do it is to start identifying your company’s weak spots. When you become aware of what your own vulnerability is and how and why hackers break into your business, you’ll be able to find the best method to protect yourself. There are many ways hackers can harm your business and they most often combine more approaches when they attack. However, there are also different methods you can use to build up a strong protection against any kind of harm. In this article, we’ll mention five most common methods cyber thieves might use and the best defense systems you can build against them.

Social Engineering

Problem: This is a relatively new method hackers tend to use in order to break into your business. You need to pay special attention to what you post in the online world, as they can use the information they find on social media to hack passwords, steal data and do a malicious pursuit. Hackers often pretend to be you in order to reset your passwords, as it happened to a Coca-Cola’s CEO in 2009, when social engineer persuaded an exec to open an email with malicious software.

Best defense: Make your entire social media activities private. Before posting anything, consider carefully which information you are ready to reveal. In addition, a wise step would be to have a security audit done every quarter.

Weak Passwords

Problem: Believe it or not, 80% of cybercrime includes weak passwords. Besides, the problem gets bigger since more than 50% of people use only one password for all logins.

Best defense: You should make sure that all your employees know how important a strong password is. Creating a strong unique password for each account and changing it every 90 days is the best defense. Each password should include a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, containing at least 20 characters.

Malware Attacks

Problem: Since 2012, there has been an 8% increase in malware attacks, with $92,000 being the average loss. These attacks can be quite bad – your data can be stolen and the entire system can be infected. It can happen by clicking on an improper website or link, by inserting an infected USB or an application delivers software that can capture passwords and data.

Best defense: It may not be a popular method, but restricting internet access within the company is one of the best ways you can protect your business. In addition, you should run malware-detection software such as Norton Toolbar, as well as keep the existing software updated.

Phishing Emails

Problem: Phishing emails are the worst kind as they are very difficult to spot. They are designed to look like ‘normal’ emails coming from a legitimate company, leading you to infected websites the moment you enter your password or click a link. There has actually been an unbelievable 125% increase in social media phishing attacks during the last five years.

Best defense: You should constantly keep your operating systems, software and browsers updated with the latest patches. Also, make sure your IT team knows all about security management and the best ways to prevent this kind of problem. In addition, you should have designated cloud based spam filtering folders in your email to block spam and viruses and filter for specific content. It’s not such a good idea to open emails from people you don’t know, or to automatically click on external links.


Problem: After getting hold of your website, hackers often post explicit and embarrassing content, until you pay them a ransom. The consequences of this type of cybercrime can be quite severe. You may lose all your data, as paying them their ransom doesn’t always mean you’ll get your files back.

Best defense: Change your passwords regularly and back up your data. Choose a strong internet security package that checks for new exploits. Finally, don’t automatically click on external links or open unknown websites.

Getting acquainted with the best strategies and methods to keep your business safe and active is the best step you can take against any type of cybercrime. Be smart and use best security system you can find. In such a way, you’ll able to deal with potential hackers as quick as possible, make constant progress and have a prosperous career.


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