5 Mistakes Start Ups Make That Turn Away Talent

To Attract Top Talent, Avoid These Mistakes


The entrepreneur needs talented employees who will hoist their new business into success. Your success is inextricably linked with the performance of your employees and, since new businesses are more fragile than a larger organization, they cannot take risks. They need to recruit the best employees and cannot settle for less than what they need. The entrepreneur should hire somebody who is deeply rooted in the industry, can navigate through the market and serve clients enthusiastically. With that in mind, many new businesses do not know how to keep their talented employees happy or draw new ones to their company. Here are several common mistakes made that often repel talented employees. 

A complicated application process

People are willing to invest time if they do not feel as though they are wasting it. Job applications can be a little relative. If a talented individual begins the application process, they do not know if it is going to result in anything. They do not even know if you are going to call them back. They will weigh up the risk of losing time. The higher the lost time, the more likely they are to just back out of the application process. A simplified and shorter application form will draw a wide range of candidates. 

You do not give them feedback

People need to feel as though they are accomplishing something. They need to know that their work is appreciated and that it is of a high quality. If you do not say anything to them, they are left to think that you were indifferent to, or worse, displeased with it. If you only say something when you are unsatisfied, talented employees will think that their hard work is not appreciated and they are likely to turn their attention elsewhere.

You did not provide the right benefits

Benefits are an important consideration in any field. Employees want to know that they and their dependents will be taken care of. Since many employers offer a dental discount plan, for example, a precedent has been set. Many talented employees have the expectation that potential employers will have this benefit, amongst a range of others. After all, dental insurance can be an expensive yet necessary amenity and, if they have to have a filling put in, they will need that insurance. Talented employees are likely to focus their attention on companies that offer these kind of packages. 

You were too demanding

New businesses require a lot of work. Everybody understands that. But you need to recognize that your employees have a limited capacity. If you are putting too heavy a burden on their shoulders, they may back away, go somewhere else, and leave you to do all of that work yourself. Most employees work about 40 hours every week. Do not be demanding. Do not insist that they work overtime. A talented employee will recognize that they could go elsewhere and be expected to work just a normal 9-5 shift. 

Their skills are not developed

Intellectual stimulation is often drowned out by tedious daily tasks. Piles of paperwork will dull mental engagement. If you want your employees to grow, they need to be mentally challenged. Just as a physical workout is required for physical health, a mental workout is required for mental health. People need their skills to be honed and developed. But they never will achieve that if they are performing the same task every day, particularly one that isn't mentally taxing. Give them something that challenges them on an intellectual level. In this way, when they complete the task, they will feel accomplished.

Some of these tasks will require a bit of effort from the entrepreneur. But maintaining a team of good employees is worth the effort. After all, your employees are the people who will help to develop your company into a success.

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