5 Benefits Of Responsive Wordpress Design

Responsive wordpress design


By responsive design, we mean websites suited for optimal viewing and navigation by the end users. In simple terms, this means that they pose less hassle in panning, scrolling compatibility on mobile, and resizing. Web design is not concerned with font size and the overall look of the website, but it has everything to do with its operation.

For a more technically sound audience, it means executing seamless grids, CSS3 media queries, less image loading time, and the likes thereof. The piece will deal with responsiveness in relation to WordPress. If the website has an education theme then it ought to have fluid layouts and should be able to display well on your tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

The trend is to develop more and more responsive experience for the users so that a web design does not become a nuisance for the visitor in this fast paced world. The ultimate objective of sites these days is to increase traffic and make them stay and not let steer away from it.

The increased engagement time is bound to result in conversions with whatever product/service is being offered for sale on the website(s). Below we list some of the advantages of responsive design.

1. Excellent User Experience

Without a doubt, an excellent user experience is all which is sought. Although the content is the driver behind measuring success for any website but experience deals in consuming that content. It’s about whether or not visitors find your site worth spending time on let alone going through the content therein.

Therefore, it is imperative that whatever the theme of your WordPress website is, it must contrast with that of your design. So if the business is strictly a corporate entity, the idea should be to convey the corporate image. If the business has an educational theme then it must be able to appeal the students seeking to enroll.

The site should be accessible, as stated above, across all devices, be it desktop computers, smartphones or tablets. In the case of corporate users, it will cater to their busy schedules and if an education website, it will appeal to students’ hip college lifestyles and want for accessibility anytime/anywhere access or any other user, for that matter willing browse website without the issue of scrolling and resizing.

2. Cost Effective

A responsive WordPress design also helps you in saving cost. You don’t have to maintain two different web IDs for your business over the web and another for the mobile site. So a responsive web design will let you have a single site accessible across the board instead of a separate website for varying platforms. Thus, maintaining a single website is cheaper than maintaining two or more versions of the same website.

With mobile sites, there are certain limitations associated. They don’t facilitate traditional navigational techniques instead fail where advanced mechanics are involved, thereby, taking away the experience from the user, and in turn allowing him to explore your rival’s website. Hence, a responsive one will help you rectify such problems and also help you in your SEO efforts so that your visitors are always directed to your single source of web no matter what device they are on.

3. It is recommended by Google

If the website is responsive it means it is suited for mobile and can be easily configured on the said platform. Seek best custom coursework writing online. So if such is the case then WordPress designed theme of the website will reflect in higher search results ranking on Google.

It is because the website with responsive design will always have a single URL and will have the same HTML coding at the back, irrespective of the handheld device. This makes it effective for Google to crawl, index and organize content for the site. Moreover, a single URL makes it easier for users to share and engage with and vice versa.

Although, there will be the difference in mobile site’s URL and HTML code as compared to its web or desktop version. Why? Due to the lengths, Google has to go in order to index numerous versions of the same website.

4. Super flexibility

This may have been covered above but a standalone mention of it is important. A responsive web design offers seamless accessibility and the content floats freely against screens of different resolutions/sizes and across a multitude of devices. In addition, images and the grids flow seamlessly.

The example is akin to a liquid which takes the shape of the vessel it is poured in, meanwhile, preserving its state. Similarly, a responsive web design based on WordPress will retain its appearance and features offering unmatched visibility of the content on every device screen there is.

5. Easier to Manage

It further reiterates the point made under the heading ‘Cost Effective’ above. You know that accounting for separate SEO campaigns for both desktop version and mobile of a single site will cost you a fortune. Wouldn’t it be viable if you were to somehow create a website which works regardless of the platforms it is viewed on?

Therefore, it is established that to maintain an onsite SEO campaign for one website is relatively easier than managing the same for two websites. So the biggest advantage of responsive WordPress designed theme has that it let you run the same website on a variety of platforms.

From a mobile perspective, SEO strategy should be more focused. In this day and age, people have gone mobile. The ease of accessibility from the palm of your hand cannot be argued with, thus, it is imperative to optimize the site for keywords searched through smartphones. You know how it is when you are hungry, you love to grab your phone and search for your local restaurant to order food.

In the aforesaid example, the keyword will be 'nearby'. The idea is to optimize mobile version on the same grounds as you would for a desktop site. All you have to do is expand your SEO strategy and embrace mobile. Devising a different strategy altogether for a mobile device is not what is being said here. So no setting aside budgets and brains for the mobile campaign when you can kill two birds with one stone.

Above are a few benefits that a responsive web design would entail when crafted on a WordPress platform.


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