Is It Better To Be Heard And Not Liked Than Never Heard?

Nathan Meyer looks at the impacts of digital publishing


"Digital" has revolutionized our methods of communication, interaction & consumption. The power and transparency of the Internet has empowered the consumer to such an extent that any company not indulging in cyberspace will ultimately find themselves at a real disadvantage.

How to companies understand and utilize their Digital outreach?

Have a plan

There is no right or wrong way to present yourself online, but it is important that it adheres to your core brand principles and represents your business in the way your senior executives would in the boardroom as well as in the bar late on a Friday night. Continuity and clarity.

This is a must, believe in your approach and stick to it. You will already have an audience and a following of consumers who trust you. They will be the first people to follow you, helping you to engage with a wider audience whilst also being brand advocates online that help you spread the word. It is important to know what they expect as they will help you to grow.

Measure, Analyse and Act

Digital enables us to gain instant replies to our strategy, campaigns and output, so it’s important to use it. When something is going to plan you still need to understand the how's and why's so that you can repeat what you’re doing well, allowing you to continue to improve. This also applies for the negative to - monitor your work and act accordingly. As a business you need to trust the people you employee to be in charge of this as sometimes the worst response is no response. Have a plan in place to react to your surroundings, digital moves fast and you must be ready.

Audience & Outreach

Who are you targeting and where are you targeting them? One size fits all is a lazy approach. It may be fast, simple and cost effective but spending time and money to have multiple strategies depending on your audience and platform (doesn’t make sense following on from first). You need to research your audience, understand where they spend their time and what they expect from certain platforms.

As more technology and platforms arise and with everyone seemingly connected to multiple devices, growing your digital outreach will become more and more important.

This is not a short game, you are entering a marriage online and you must be faithful. Your audience will expect this, they will expect you to never let them down but only to enhance there day, week and month - you get the picture. Start now by implementing a digital outreach program that adheres and enhances your brand, be generous in your offering and be sure not to expect n return (make this clearer). This will stand you in good stead when creating continuity and trust in your audience so that when you approach them for a conversation, you'll see their response.

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