4 Youtube Strategies For B2B Businesses

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As the second largest search engine, YouTube can be a powerful tool for business-to-business marketing efforts. As many as 72% of B2B marketers use YouTube to host their video content. Learning more about the most successful marketing strategies and the benefits they have already provided for industry leaders can help your business to unlock the full potential of YouTube hosted video content.

Learning more about the many opportunities that can allow you to create leads in a more versatile, effective and dependable fashion would be to your advantage. From furthering a specific brand and curating the right image to levering reputation and expertise in order to generate new leads, YouTube has become a vital resource in many B2B marketing strategies. Following the lead of established businesses and mimicking their marketing strategies could prove more successful than you might imagine.

One: Building Brand Recognition

Staying competitive in today's digital marketplace can be a real challenge. Industry giants like Intel, Cisco and Oracle all use B2B marketing videos to cement their unique brand and image. If your business is struggling to distance itself from competitors, B2B video content can be a powerful tool for helping you to establish a more unique and recognizable brand. A YouTube channel that showcases your products and services may prove to be a cost-effective marketing tool that allows your organization to enjoy greater recognition as well as the many benefits B2B marketing efforts may provide.

Two: Product Demonstrations

Hosted video content offers a low cost way to advertise your products and provide other businesses with more in-depth and comprehensive information regarding their features and uses. Blue Coat uses YouTube to demonstrate a wide range of firewall software and anti-malware applications in far greater detail than would be possible when using other more conventional mediums. Providing potential clients and customers with more detailed information about your products may prove to be a much easier undertaking when you have access to the right resources.

Three: Educational Content that Showcases Various Professional Services

Shapiro Negotiations hosts a video series titled 'It Is Negotiable' which showcases various negotiation skills. As one of many negotiation skills training providers, YouTube offers a way for Shapiro to generate interest among the many businesses and organizations that may be interested in enhancing the effectiveness of their sales staff. Content that serves to educate as well as advertise may be very useful in expanding viewership and ensuring that B2B marketing efforts are met with greater success. Short tutorials and video content that highlights the services your business has to offer may prove to be very useful in generating new leads and future opportunities.

Four: Leveraging Your Expertise

Boston-based consultant firm Deloitte provides a range of financial management and advisory services. Deloitte also uses video content that showcases their financial knowledge and expertise as a core part of their B2B marketing strategy. How-to guides and other useful content that may allow you to leverage your business expertise can be a very useful resource. Providing content that is useful, relevant and hard to generate without the specific insight and expertise your company may be able to offer can allow you to generate a great deal of interest that will help to attract and acquire new business clients.

Creating The Best Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Every organization is a little different and no one marketing strategy may be effective for all. Educating yourself on the marketing tactics and campaigns that have proven successful for larger more established companies can help you to fine-tune a strategy that will be better suited to the needs of your business. When it comes to B2B marketing efforts, cost-effective video content hosting opportunities can play a key role. Turning to YouTube to increase exposure, attract new business opportunities and ensure your organization is able to enjoy greater recognition and attention can provide your business with the means to create and implement a more successful B2B marketing strategy.

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