4 Ways You Can Use Virtual Reality In Your Business

VR technology is definitely something worth looking at in 2017


Virtual reality is definitely a key trend in 2017. Moreover, the technology is not even that expensive. Therefore, every business enterprise can take advantage of the most modern technology advancements today. I believe that virtual reality represents the future of everything, and that is because the possibilities it offers will become endless.

In the present moment, people have already started to implement virtual reality technologies and software into their businesses. What is worth noticing is that virtual reality is especially helpful in education, business, and for entertainment.

Because you are reading an article about business implementations, you’re probably an entrepreneur who's looking to take his business to the next level. Good for you – innovation is always a great booster and people love it.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, you can find ways to insert virtual reality practices into your sales processes. During today’s post, we are going to look at four ways in which you can integrate virtual reality with your own business. Pay attention and then take action!

1. Employees and Clients Education

You can use virtual reality technology to train and inform both your employees and your clients. Kevin Hatch, Executive Manager at ResumesPlanet.com suggests entrepreneurs perceive the virtual reality technology as 'the newest digital vehicle that allows information to travel quickly from one side to another.'

Moreover, because the experiences you are living during a VR trip are complex, you get the chance to impress your clients big time. A representation of a prototype of your newest product (as an example) could work pretty well in terms of marketing and exposure.

2. Advertising

Even though the advertising industry is not very stable in the virtual reality world, innovative marketers find ways around any problem. Imagine a VR roller coaster game that puts you through intense experiences.

While you’re afraid/excited/happy that you’re moving so fast and the body feeling you get becomes pleasant, you can also receive advertisements, flashing before your eyes. Just like in real life, the physical space around the rollercoaster can contain banners and posters. Stay innovative, and you’ll find ways to advertise!

3. VR Sales Letters

You can convince your potential customers to make a purchase by giving them a very strong feeling of how your products or services work. Use VR technology to put your ideas into visual and auditory stimulants. If you remember the teleshopping, imagine a sales copy in the VR space.

Just like an ad that interrupts the YouTube video, so you can add a 10-sec video presentation of your product and put it into the VR user eyes. He might just become your customer after seeing what you have to offer.

4. Test Products

You can use VR to test your business ideas and products. For example, you can design surveys around different topics and implement them together with other compatible applications/games. So if you’re a VR games creation company, bind a survey to a few VR games.

If you are producing technological equipment, simulate the entire process through a VR app. Let a VR expert understand your needs. Invest and come up with a super effective feedback machine for your business. Be innovative!


VR technology is definitely something worth looking after. The big boom hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s really close to us. Giant companies like Samsung, Google, and McDonald's are spending millions trying to monopolize the VR marketplace. Soon the aggressive marketing will begin and the accessibility to VR software will be easier than it is now.

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