4 Ways To Streamline Your Content For An Effective Marketing Plan

Content marketing has come a long way in recent years


Content marketing is not what it was before: nowadays you have to provide useful information to your audience if you want to rank in Google. Getting the right content to the right people is quite tricky, but as long as you pay attention to the online marketing environment, the audience and its needs, you are on the right track. Part of streamlining the content for an effective marketing plan is to set your goals, analyze the audience and then develop a calendar for the content.

As Google is now focusing on user-friendly content, you have to make sure your audience is getting the information they need at every step of browsing your site.

Write user-optimized content

If you want to rank, you need to write for the users, not for Google. Be specific when you are developing content, as general content is going to harm your brand. However, you still have to think about the goal you have. To create valuable content identify why are you creating new content and then think where does this goal stand in relation to the potential customer. For example, if you want to write something to generate new sales leads, you will have to think about the potential customer and what they need to see. If the user is still analyzing your product, give them a tutorial or a demo, because this is what they need at this step.

Use Google Analytics

When you know why are you creating content, you can use Google Analytics to check demographics. Configure it to display the data you need, such as age, affinities, gender and so on. The information you gather from this data is going to tell you how to build the right content for the right people. This will ensure you are targeting the right audience. For example, single 30 something men are not interested in baby products, so there is no use to give them coupons for a baby chair.
Create a Content Calendar

Depending what type of business you run and its size, you have multiple options when it comes to creating a calendar. If you have a small company you will get things done by simply writing them on a board. But if you are in a larger company or you manage a team of freelancers, you will need a content calendar. Online platforms like Trello enable you to set content deadlines and designate people to post it. The same principle can be used for social media to set what, when and by whom is going to be posted.

Work as a team

If you manage multiple departments it's crucial to work as a team. This means you will have to let them know the goals and the means of the content marketing campaign and they have to respect and follow it, when needed. This will minimize the risk of creating redundant content or working for different goals. Another thing you have to be aware of is compatibility: if your site doesn't allow a certain type of content, you need to work with the IT department such as datasauce, to make sure you are creating compatible content.


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