4 Ways To Earn Customer Trust

How can companies work towards gaining customer trust?


Companies who have become used to managing their promotional campaigns only through ads and newspapers might feel some kind of shock today due to the ubiquitous digitalization. As a result, it has become harder and harder for such companies to earn attention and the trust of new customers, not to mention the lost customers who demand ads and information only in digital format.

The problem today is that businesses from small niches, like pest control services, desperately try to gain and hold the attention of their potential customers by all existing means. As a result, these potential clients get bombarded with services and products that are irrelevant to them on a daily basis. Such behavior from a service provider usually only turns people away from such businesses. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to keep in mind your customer’s needs and not what you need to sell.

In order to help you earn or get back the attention of potential clients online, we consulted experts from offering bed bugs and pest removal service in Edmonton to ensure that you receive unbiased and really useful advice for businesses of such non-traditional niches.

  1. Win/win: In a best case scenario, both you and your clients must receive something back in order to remain satisfied. So let’s take an example of a bed bug and pest removal service: let your web page be intuitive and easy to navigate to help your potential customers get the correct info. Ensure that the site attracts their attention and increases the desire to stay and not look somewhere else.
  2. Transparency matters: Make sure that any potential client is able to find the required info. Don’t try to hide your prices or references pushing people to ask you for this information. Provide every piece of information in one/two click access to show your transparency and quality to potential clients.
  3. Listen to your customers: Many companies have 'feedback' pages on their websites. But how many of them actually listen to the comments left there? Don’t neglect any dissatisfied comments and customers. On the contrary, make them feel heard and try to change the situation for the better. This is the way to earn not only trust but reputation.
  4. Be respectful: Your business is alive and survives because of its customers, so make sure that you respect them. Don’t force them to listen to some annoying song while they are waiting for hours to get a response from your customer support. This is not respect. Don’t try to fool your clients either. Don’t add hidden fees for additional pesticide-free chemicals. Speak openly about prices and make sure that you value the time and attention that people pay to your business. 


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