4 Ways To Boost Social Media Engagement Through Video

How can video help get you more customers?


Videos have become on of the most popular ways to advertise. But with so many companies jumping on board, it is important to find a way to make your videos stand out. If your videos don't stand out, you will not get the engagement you want which will then mean not getting the profits you want.

But if your video is unique, you will see more engagement, and that can mean more profits. We look at four key ways to boost this and improve the quality of your videos:

Call to Action

Without a call to action, people will not know what you want them to do. Many companies are surprised by how much an effective call to action can increase their conversation rate. Your call to action should be short and to the point. It should not seem like an advertisement. People go to social sites to socialize. They don't log in to have products sold to them. A great call to action would be 'click to learn more.'

This seems more natural as they are being offered information. Another great call to action involves offering a limited time discount making your call to action seem like a favor. Your product usually sells for more, but you are giving them a chance to get a great deal.

Use Short Videos

It is important to use short videos. There are a lot of distractions on social media sites. People are getting messages from their friends, family, and even work. They have a lot of information sent to them at the same time and people can only focus on so much. People simply don't have the time to watch longer videos so try to keep it under 30 seconds.

It's also important to remember that most videos shared on social sites don't have sound enabled by default. That means you customers have to click the video to hear it which can create a lack of engagement. You can overcome this by using closed captioning services. They will be able to add professional captions to your video which can catch more attention and get your video more engagement.

Relevant Content

It is important to only use relevant content for your videos. If your content is not relevant, you will not attract the right audience for your offer. You will experience a lot fewer conversions if your audience is not targeted and if you are more specific, you will have a better reaction from your audience. For example, a company selling dog food should feature a dog in the video. If their video uses a cat, their video may attract the attention of cat owners who would have no interest in the offer or call to action.

You should also make your video entertaining. You could use humor or shock value for this.

Use Shareable Content

You need to make your content shareable as this will give you free advertising whenever someone reposts your video. But for this to happen, you have to understand what makes content shareable. First, it cannot sound like an ad. People don't want to share a commercial with their friends. Next, it should be upbeat and positive. It should be informative.

Your content needs to be something that people would be proud to associate themselves with. Using humor is one of the best ways to do this. People also like reposting witty or inspirational content. All you have to is make the inspirational content relevant to your call to action. When done correctly, many people will share your content and get you a lot of organic engagement.

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