4 Ways Retail Stores Can Boost Sales This Holiday Season

Know how to boost sales at the most important time of the year


The holiday season is a time when retail stores can crush numbers if they use the correct strategies. 

Three elements can help a retail store to make a ton of money during the holiday season: irresistible products, ridiculous prices and motivated employees. The following are four ways that a business can expand on those three elements and boost sales during the holiday season:

1. Provide Employees With Tools to Succeed

Many businesses fail when it comes to giving the employees the tools they need to succeed in pushing their products and services. While some people have a natural talent for talking to other people and encouraging sales, others lack such skills. Some employees could become better performers if they had tools such as sales negotiation training. Negotiation training can help employees to make a partial sale instead of letting a sale go because of a lack of confidence. Employees need to be encouraged to make sales, as well. They do not want to be pressured or threatened to make sales. Scare tactics and browbeating gestures rarely work. What does work is an encouraging and positive word from the supervisor and a database of strategies that work.

2. Visually Stimulate the Floor

Part of making killer sales during the holiday season is creating an atmosphere that rocks. The sales floor should have a strategic set-up that draws the customer’s eyes to the “hot” items on the shelf. The signage should be bright and inviting. The sales numbers and discounts should be in bold print. The product should be clean, stocked and in plain view. Table and Tower projects should be set up as per the plan-o-gram. The goal is to create a scene that screams “Buy me.” Customers are more likely to buy something that looks sharp than they are to buy something that is covered in the dust behind a pile of other items.

3. Incentify Everyone

Incentives will always be a leading provider of “pep in one’s step” when it comes to selling and buying. Most employees would rather not work during the holidays because they would like to spend time with their family members. Those employees need a reason to be happy about working instead of being with their family. Some nice incentives can bring a smile to an employee’s face. Holiday customers appreciate incentives, as well. Sales and discounts are nice, but incentives are magnetic! A business can start a point reward system for shoppers who want to go all out during the holiday season.

The product’s prices should be astronomically low. Black Friday is one of the most successful holidays that any business can experience. The reason that Black Friday is so successful is that the sales prices are astronomically low. Taking such a huge risk may sound dangerous for a business, but the number of paying customers could outweigh discount totals if the business runs a sale on the right product. Electronics is always an area that garners a high level of attention. Computers, laptops, cell phones and tablets are the items that will get the most attention if the business has an unbelievable sale on them.

4. Celebrate Success

The business could implement workflow software to the job to aid in training and keeping track of sales progress and so forth. Employees can do all of their training by using the software, and they can attend webinars with sales team leaders to learn how they can improve their performances. The business owner can sign up for a trial use of the software that can improve business tenfold. The software can create an automated atmosphere that keeps close tabs on performance needs and achievements.

The previously mentioned tips can shed some light on the sales for a business during the holiday season. Sales can skyrocket to a whole new level if the business leader uses the tactics as described above. All businesses have the potential to rock each holiday season, and those four tips can make it happen.


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