4 Tips For Unlocking Your Pinterest Potential

Learn how to maximize this underrepresented social media marketing tool.


With over 175 million active Pinterest and over  50 billion Pinterest pins, there’s no doubt that this social media conglomerate represents a lucrative opportunity for everyone from motivated entrepreneurs to dedicated personal bloggers.

Interested in learning how the virtues of Pinterest can benefit you or your business? Let’s get into some of the most effective monetary strategies.

Consider Affiliate Marketing

In 2016, businesses spent a staggering $4.78 billion on affiliate marketing, representing 7.5% of total digital spend among retailers.This surge in marketing is in high demand and for a good reason. It’s fast, convenient, and incredibly efficient.

Here’s how it works: You collaborate with individual businesses and promote their products in exchange for a set commission on any resulting sales.

Let’s say you’re an active fitness guru. You have extensive Pinterest boards filled with healthy recipes and trending workouts. Additionally, you host a successful Youtube channel and maintain a well-known blog.

You connect with a local organic granola company and start sharing their products on Pinterest pins. A customer clicks on the pin and makes a purchase through their website. You receive a portion of the sale!

As a result, the company increases their exposure, and you increase your net worth. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Sell Your Products

Do you already have an established product? Whether you sell through your website or a marketplace like Etsy or Amazon, you can also promote your products on Pinterest.

You’ve heard the adage, a picture tells a thousand words. On social media, a picture probably tells closer to a million. That’s because these platforms work by visual design.

Your takeaway? You need the absolute highest quality photos of your products to pin. If you don’t feel confident with your photography skills, consider outsourcing to a professional.

Share the photos on Pinterest and link them to your product sales page. Watch your revenue soar.

Promote Your Services

Even if you don’t sell a physical product, Pinterest provides a valuable platform for entrepreneurs providing specific services. We’re talking everything from financial planners to personal trainers to psychotherapists.

The key lies in the creativity. Think of all the ways you can connect with potential clients and colleagues by:

  • Sharing motivational quotes
  • Capturing inspiring images that represent your work
  • Blog posts about mastering specific skills relevant to your industry
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients

Research your target audience and identify the problems, fears, and questions they may have. Just like you would with any other marketing opportunity, you want to give your audience what they want.

Maximize SEO Strategies

Anyone who knows anything about creating a standout online presence knows the undeniable significance of SEO. Yes, SEO optimization on Pinterest is a thing, and, yes, it absolutely matters.

A few key tips to keep in mind:

Research Keywords: Examine the automatic suggestions that Pinterest populates when you audit certain words. The drop-down list will show the most commonly searched terms.

Maximize Rich Pins: Rich pins elevate regular pins to the next level. Currently, users can pin them into four different categories (app, product, recipe, and article). With rich pins, you can create access for users to download apps, purchase products, read extended recipes, and skim article headlines and story descriptions.

Go Vertical: Research shows that vertical pins have greater chances of being noticed because they inhibit more space in the Pinterest feed. Consider that as you are scanning through new pins to post.

Consistency is King: Just like any other SEO optimization, the best Pinterest strategy is the one you do consistently and efficiently. Create a content calendar and stick with it.

Takeaways and Tips

With our increasingly interconnected world, the use of social media for promoting and marketing strategies will continue to rise. We expect that Pinterest will continue to provide vast opportunities for creative minds looking to grow their brand and their wealth.

To summarize our key points, remember:

  1. Pinterest affiliate marketing enables you to promote other businesses while generating income.
  2. Pinterest provides a valuable angle for selling your tangible products.
  3. Get creative with “pinning” about your services and reaching out to your potential audience.
  4. Brush up on the latest SEO trends and integrate the best practices in your Pinterest strategies.

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