4 Important Considerations When Choosing Your Web Hosting Service

Choose the right service for your site


When shopping for web hosting services, you will mostly be searching for providers that are both cost-effective and feature-packed. Finding the right host company can be a bit arduous particularly if you have little experience in the field.

The sheer number of packages being offered by numerous companies can be confusing. A random search on google yields 13 million results; there are literally litters of hosting services scattered all over the web.

Most of the companies you will find advertise the same features; unlimited resources, 99% uptime, and 24/7 support. You will, therefore, be required to cut through the jargon and make a decisive call on what's best for your website. Comparing apples to apples is bad business in this instance, but this guide will document what exactly to look for when selecting a package and hosting company that suits you.


The price is certainly one of the most looked at factors before anyone settles on anything or a web host in this case. It's nice always to get the best bang for your buck, but it shouldn't be the deciding factor when choosing a web host.

Web hosting features such as quality hardware and support personnel cost money, and a company that provides these services at $0.99 per month is not likely to provide these essential features. It is prudent to assess the features offered by a hosting company THEN their monetary charges before settling on one.

Features and Add-ons

There are myriad features to look out for before selecting a web host company, some of which include; backup, security, their technical support, and user-friendliness. In today's online atmosphere security cannot be guaranteed without backup, should your website be attacked, you'd want to restore and get it up and running as soon as possible. A backup will make this possible, and thus backup solutions are very important.

Other than backups, security should also be a top priority. Security is needed to protect your customer's data and prevent the increased cyber-attacks and malware threats on your company. When selecting a host find one that offers user -server encryption.

Technical support is very important and should be a potential deal breaker. When price and features are more or less equal, check on their ways of contacting their support team. You need a 24/7 support just in case your website goes down or the server fails, you can reinstate it quickly. An in-house support department is often preferred and should be of high priority when choosing a company.

User friendliness is certainly one feature that is often overlooked. Day to day tasks such as installing WordPress, setting up an email don't need a tech-savvy individual and neither should your web host dashboard and control panel. Entry and exit should be foolproof as is in the case of inmotion hosting login procedure.


Every client wishes for a business that grows over time and would be even better if the web host company fit in your future plans. Your website maybe small when starting and may gather a lot of traffic over time and would require additional attention and over 99% uptime. Your web host should be one that is able to provide for you in the future in case you grow to such a level.

Web-based enterprises are always banking on growth and a web host company that may not be able to pride that may pose a significant threat in the long run. All this hustle is to avoid the pain of transferring from one host to another which takes up valuable time and effort.

Still, on scalability, it's important to note whether your web host places you on a shared or dedicated server, shared servers tend to slow the websites loading speeds which in turn affects customer satisfaction adversely. A dedicated server is always recommended but if you go for a shared server ensure that the company has the capacity to grow with you.

Customer Reviews/ Reputation

Before falling for lucrative web hosting deals thrown at your face take your time and study a company's reputation in the market and how their customers feel about the services they offer. This path can be a bit risky to follow since most companies create affiliates with fake testimonials. For real reviews on the performance of a web host company, you should visit legitimate forums such as Reddit or web hosting talk forum. Go through the existing threads or even pose a question for honest reviews.

Some of the more important things to look at are a company's response time to emails or messages, and their support levels should a problem be reported. Social media can bring mixed results, but you could amass a wealth of information about any company, capitalize on this tool.

Final Word

Publishing your website can be simple, but its success depends on the efficiency of your web host. Adhere to the 4 points above in finding a reliable and reputable provider, and you'll be off to a good start. Though there are other considerations beyond the four provided, knowing your host before locking down a partnership is of immense importance to any business.


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