Creating Durable Strategies For New Technologies

As more and more technologies are created, we look at the best way to develop products for them


There are new devices being brought out every year, filling gaps in the market or creating entirely new markets themselves. This can create issues for businesses as they want people to be able to access information on them in the format most comfortable to them.

At the moment there are several different ways that companies are looking at new devices, from creating three separate layouts to incorporate as many devices as possible or just making their website as useable as possible across all devices at the same time.

One of the aspects that companies need to look at is the ways in which they are preparing for new devices and the potential that these devices can have on their overall business objectives.

Below are a few ideas that will allow companies to make the most of new technologies.

Responsive Design

Having several designs that adapt based on the size of the screen allow for different devices to utilise different designs based on their size and usability. At the moment there are three standards, desktop, tablet and smartphone. Making these dynamic and changeable means that if new technology is introduced that is unlike those that have been designed for previously, it means that there can be the best of what is available.

Keep On Top Of Change

Frequently, the first to market on new products is the most successful, Apple with the iPhone, Microsoft with the PC etc. Keeping an ear to the ground and developing based on what might happen in the future is vital to a durable and long term digital strategy. For instance, at the moment the launch of technologies such as smart watches mean that companies need to be looking at how they can take advantage of this new technology.

Working With Data

Data and feedback are key for a durable digital strategy for adapting to new technologies. Developing products for new technologies will always be a jump into the unknown, meaning that in order to fully make the most of what your customer or end user needs, there is a necessity to measure what they are doing and how they are doing it. This may seem obvious, but with each new technology comes new ways to measure and new visualisations that make this data become more accessible to those who aren’t working in a data role.


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