3 Ways To Grow Your Small Business With LinkedIn

How to exploit LinkedIn for growth


LinkedIn has 467 million members. Every second, two new users join the professional networking site. 44% of B2B marketers say they generate leads via LinkedIn, more than on any other social media channel.

One of the most popular social networking sites, LinkedIn houses professionals, customers, and companies, connecting them together to facilitate business deals. As a small business, you can leverage the platform to grow your enterprise into a big, profitable company.

Here are three ways to achieve that.

1. Connect with potential clients

We all know the drill: Connection is the engine that powers brands on social media tools.

LinkedIn – as one of the greatest social networking sites – is no exception. What usually happens, though, is that an entrepreneur kick-starts their business, sells a handful of products, and signs up on LinkedIn. They anticipate selling more, or meeting with other smart partners, or doubling their ROI but, often, they go silent for months, after connecting with few professionals.

If you want to use LinkedIn to your advantage, you need to connect with more professionals, potential customers, and influencers in your industry. And then engage them consistently. Also, remember that connection alone doesn’t do the job. If you want to grow your small business on LinkedIn, you need to become an active user.

Let’s talk about that next.

2. Become an active LinkedIn user

An active user is one who:

- Posts important updates that add value to their network.

- Shares content that solves their connection’s problems.

- Participates actively in groups.

Beyond these, active users are consistent. They don’t just post important updates once. They don’t just share 10 picture quotes every Monday. They don’t just comment in a group every week.

They live to feed their network with their skill set.

Instead of posting one important update every day, they share live trends in their industries. It’s not like they show up once in a while. They’re consistently around, posting, sharing, informing their connections with stories that matter, which makes them more credible, and earn them leads and sells. Thus growing their business.

3. Get endorsements and recommendations

In the business world, you need more than your word of wisdom to convince your prospect to do business with you. You need the words of others, and in the LinkedIn world, the words are given out as endorsements and recommendations.

If you position yourself as a professional public speaker; for example, and someone endorses you for the skill, you’ll be more regarded. Recommendations are a great social proof as well. They are a way to tell your business network that your products or services have been tested and are trusted, and it will give your small business a boost.

Those are the things that get you noticed. Those are the things that prove your skill set. Those are the things that get you more customers. And above all, those are the things that earn you more money and grow your small business on LinkedIn. So, put them into practice today.


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