3 Ways Digital Marketers Can Use Machine Learning

How a difficult industry can be made easier through the use of artificial intelligence


More than 97% of marketers believe that to be successful in digital marketing, machine learning tools will play a crucial role. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are impacting every business and industry, digital marketing is no different.

Statistics show that 3 in 4 businesses are implementing machine learning and AI to increase sales of the new products by 10%. If you are not using machine learning to improve customer experience and digital marketing, it is the best time to get started. Why?

Because businesses and marketers that use machine learning improve sales and marketing by a whopping 40%. More than 76% of US companies exceeded their sales targets with the help of machine learning and European banks increased sales by 10% and reduced churn rate by 20%.

You cannot ignore such amazing figures, can you? So where you begin? How can you use machine learning to improve digital marketing?

Here are a few great ways any digital marketer can use machine learning.

1. Targeted content

What’s better than creating content that is highly targeted and is based on customer interests?

Netflix saved $1 billion after implementing machine learning algorithm which recommends highly personalized TV programs to their subscribers. All such subscribers are more engaged than subscribers that don’t receive a personalized recommendation.

According to eMarketer:

“Machine learning-powered tools can find the best content out on the web. The technology can then determine how content is being engaged with in real time, and how it’s being pushed out across channels. Tools can also make recommendations to brands about which content they should use, and how to best target it.”

In reality, marketers have been using machine learning to automatically generate content for years. There is a news writing bot that you can use. It will write compelling news stories and it will learn and improve its writing style with the passage of time-based on several variables.

Creating engaging content for your audience isn’t easy, you know it. And if machine learning can solve this very challenge, what could be better? The big question is how you can improve your content creation with machine learning. 

You need to get a machine learning app or tool to get started. Some of the leading tools include:

- IBM Watson Analytics

- Crayon

- Curata

- Scoop it

2. SEO

Google’s RankBrain is a machine learning tool that contributes to search engine results has changed the way how marketers look at machine learning. It learns and determines most relevant search results based on several variables. No two customers see similar search results even if they run exactly the same search query.

This has changed the rules of how you create content and how you acquire backlinks. The best way a marketer can use machine learning to improve SEO is this: Use machine learning to understand what works best for your audience.

Just like Google uses RankBrain to show highly personalized and most relevant search results, you need to use a machine learning tool to show relevant and personalized content to website visitors. Tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, BuzzSumo, and others can help you see best performing content and keywords.

If there is one way you can use machine learning for SEO, you need to start focusing on content purpose instead of keywords. Here is a guide to SEO in machine learning world that will help you better understand how machine learning works so you can take appropriate actions.

3. Reduce churn rate

You don’t want to lose your existing customers, right? We all know that reducing churn rate by 5% can increase profits by a whopping 125%. Machine learning can help you reduce churn rate to a great extent.

Digital marketers can use machine learning to streamline risk prediction and intervention models that will eventually reduce customer churn. Azure machine learning helps you understand and analyze customer churn so that you can take appropriate actions well before time.

Companies like PayPal and Showroomprive have significantly reduced their churn rates with the help of machine learning. There are machine learning tools that help marketers and businesses reduce churn and increase revenue such as Recurly.

Final words

Machine learning has several implications and there are several ways digital marketers can use it. This article provided you with three of the best ways you can leverage machine learning to become a better digital marketer. Get started today.


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