3 Ways Android App Development Adds To Your Competitive Advantage

Reasons why your business should focus on Android application development


By now, almost all businesses have a website to showcase their product and services. But many of them are capturing more business through both website and a mobile application. This proves that having just a business website doesn’t suffice for business growth.

Several mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone are fighting to take a lead, but Android is ubiquitous. As per a Gartner’s report, Android currently accounts for 80.7% of mobile market share. This indicates that mobile app development using Android can enable reaching out to maximum people in your industry. If you are still skeptical about developing an enterprise app for Android, here are three reasons that will help you understand why Android app development is essential for your company.

1. Ease of Accessibility: Due to Android’s popularity, several manufacturers have started using Android as the operating system for their devices. There are numerous app stores that allow customers to download and install Android apps on their smartphones. Launching your app on Google Play store is easier and faster as compared to launching it on Apple’s App Store. Google Play Store publishes your app in a few hours and also lets you update it multiple times in a day.

Another great benefit of submitting your app to Google Play Store is that you can make your app available for testers and selected users to improve your app’s performance and user experience. Some other app stores that offer support for Android applications and enable targeting wider audience includes Amazon App Store and Aptoide.

2. Increase Sales and Revenue: The competition in the mobile era is too fierce. This makes it mandatory for every enterprise to have a mobile app that allows you to target an ever-growing mobile user base quickly and expand your business rapidly. As mentioned earlier, Android currently dominates the mobile app market, which poses a great opportunity for startups and small to mid-sized businesses. You can capture the attention of Android’s massive global user base and entice them to use your app by providing quality services and an exceptional user experience.

3. Ease of Code Portability: According to a recent Statista survey, there have been over 179 million app downloads from 2009 to 2016. This number is expected to reach 269 million by the end of 2017. This proves that more and more users will switch to mobile and tablet devices to accomplish daily tasks and purchases.

And while staying ahead of the competition gets even tougher, you might consider creating different versions of your mobile app. That’s when your Android app’s source code can make your task easier and quicker. Android being an open source platform can be easily ported to other operating systems, unlike Apple iOS’ closed ecosystem. You can even make use of platforms like Xamarin and PhoneGap to swiftly port your Android app to iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

To wrap it up, the benefits of building an Android app for your company aren’t limited to the ones mentioned above. There are numerous other benefits like Android’s integration with several payment services, rapid application development, and support for technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), GPS, and Wearable devices. Being an open source platform from Google, it is even free and easy to use for developers.

Now that you know the significance of developing an Android mobile app for your business, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your app development project and share your experiences with us using the comment section below.


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