3 Top Android App Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Here are some key trends to keep an eye on


Each year we witness a completely new trend and set of consumer behaviors related to mobile app usage, and the progress is gaining momentum with each passing day. Not long ago, within the IT industry and, more specifically the mobile technology industry, Android was introduced and it cemented its place, and the development is not stopping anytime soon.

As for this blog post, let’s talk about the android app development trends that developers need to be aware of in 2017 to showcase this never-before-seen creativity, and provide unique solutions to users in a compelling manner.

1. Android Instant Apps - Further Expansion Of The Digital Universe

The concept of instant apps allows users to access an Android app without requiring the actual installation on your phone. The purpose is to provide the users a quick access to the app without the need of internet connectivity. Some major characteristics of instant apps are:

- The apps can be downloaded with just a single click similar to web pages. Further, the complete version of the app won’t be downloaded on the gadget, rather only a component that users normally use most.

- It can be said that instant apps are somewhat similar to a normal web traffic. So such apps don't call the devices to install a plethora of apps that are mostly of a one-time use nature.

2. Innovation in App Security

The need for security is undebatable when it comes to app development, regardless of whether it is Android or iOS. Some may not consider the threat that a breach of app security poses on users. For instance, a fitness app that is under attack could have a potentially negative impact on our actual health. Quite a concern when we realize not only our hardware, personal data, and devices are at risk, but a human body too. Google is planning to strengthen the Android OS for software and app security. The trend provides huge room for improvement and opportunities for developers to come up with much more potent solutions for app security.

Additionally, the total security of apps can be enhanced due to auto security updates that will facilitate a much safer and convenient user-app interaction. Developers need be gently reminded that hackers never waste time in intruding into someone’s privacy or data. Thus, further work on integrated security features is highly likely to continue.

3. Android Al-Assistant: A User-Phone Interaction

Today, already, tech-oriented people have become quite hard to please with the application of artificial intelligence. However, it’s a fact not many are aware of the scope of this technology. Users have grown accustomed to watching and using voice assistants and chatbots on their smartphones, while game developers are continuously working to enhance user experience with the addition of AI. The point is to make the gamers feel like they are interacting with a realistic environment when they are playing their favorite titles.

What is even more impressive is that modern systems equipped with artificial intelligence can solve a number of complex tasks, projects, etc., much faster than a human brain thinking can. As many of us have seen Will Smith’s movie ‘I, Robot’ - the use of robots in our daily life routine can provide a number of great benefits and relief from troublesome jobs.

Although we have such robots in working now, they are only in the form of virtual voice assistants. Recently, Google committed to the inclusion of Google Assistant in the upcoming Android phones, with further enhanced features and performance on the upgraded version.

Even though the AI-incorporated assistant is effective at communicating with the user, clears relevant information (acting as a small chatbot), and even caters complicated commands, Android app development professionals can sense there's still a lot of work to do in order to deliver a flawless, virtual human-esque communication medium.


Besides the above three, there are other trends that promise to bring real innovation to both the development world and the users. Google is aiming to incorporate the best features that would not only enhance the visibility of the Android apps but also prove to be a highly creative and interactive solution provider.


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