3 Strategies For Thriving With Your Virtual Workplace

Work trends are changing, so adapt to the ins and outs of operating a virtual workplace.


If studies are any indication, we haven't yet scratched the surface of the work from home revolution. Studies show that the number of people that conduct at least half their jobs remotely has grown by 50%. You can expect this shift to continue evolving the way that we conduct business.

The signs appear healthy, as people who work remotely earn an average of $4,000 more per year than those that don't.

Whether you operate your business remotely or want to be prepared for the wave of the future, you need to quickly become familiar with virtual workplaces. By learning all you can about this form of cloud computing, your business won't miss a beat and you'll increase organization and communication with the people that you collaborate with.

Consider these three tips to get you started:

Be Deliberate And Keep In-Depth Records

Perhaps the biggest benefit of virtual workplaces is that they give you more ways than ever to communicate. To capitalize on these tools, you will need to also adopt a communication process that uses clarity and detail as a foundation.

Split your organization into teams and make sure that you have regular check-ins with the people heading up those teams. This way, the virtual workplace will work in your favor. You should also be specific with your file keeping system, so that the labels are uniform and everyone knows exactly where to look when they need to retrieve any file.

Make sure that you adopt a virtual workplace platform that has all the bells and whistles that you need, including SMS integration, video chat, conference calling, private messaging and more. This way, your company will remain on one accord and can communicate seamlessly.

Maintain Your Work Life Balance

The danger of working remotely is that there's a temptation to take your work home. When you're always locked in, you'll run the risk of mounting your stress levels and burning yourself out.

Encourage away messaging, muting and other features among your workplace, and communicate clear boundaries so that you can maintain balance. Further, do your best to limit screen time in your everyday life, as too much exposure can hamper your sleep cycles and mental clarity.

Make Security Your Top Priority

Data breaches are prevalent and costly. In fact, the average breach causes $4 million in damages.

Because of this, you need to always be auditing and strengthening your security. Update your applications frequently and continuously upgrade your encryption. Make sure that your messaging applications are especially encrypted so that you're not worried about compromising your sensitive information.

Further, use a mix of both physical backups and cloud backups, so that you're covered in the event of an emergency.

Utilize these tips and you'll make the most of your virtual workplace. 

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