Three jobs that AI will fill in the future

AI is here to stay. Which career paths will be affected the most? Consider the following three future AI jobs.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a career field that is set for some tremendous growth. In fact, while some 15% of businesses currently make use of AI, this number is set to reach 31% within the next year. 

A lot has been written about the effect that AI will have on several industries. While this form of technological evolution is still in its infancy, you can bank on the fact that it will become a huge part of every industry sooner than later. 

There are a number of new jobs that AI will fill, according to experts. To learn a bit more about these positions and how they will serve various industries, read on. 

AI-based ethics research and implementation

We live in a world where ethics are more important than ever. 

Since the internet has created a 24-hour news cycle, and people are increasingly put off by scandals, privacy breaches and unethical behavior, your company will need to stay ahead of the curve. AI will be used in the future to seek out ethical breaches and develop policies to prevent them. 

This will become increasingly important since AI and machine learning will continuously take over jobs. Since machines aren't bound by ethical principals, it serves to stand that there will be some blind spots related to ethics and morals. 

You can expect to see AI created that will seek out such breaches and correct them. This is incredibly important from a liability standpoint, since companies can take tremendous PR hits that will be costly. By utilizing this form of AI, you'll also be able to avoid some liabilities that can cost you a pretty penny in current and future business. 

Think of it as machines checking machines, which will become increasingly important as AI grows. Without it, the public will lose trust and faith in artificial intelligence, which will make companies pull back from using it as much. If the public knows that proper measures are taken, AI will continuously grow into the norm.

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Healthcare Related AI Positions

The medical industry, perhaps more than any other, stands to benefit from artificial intelligence and its growth. Medical organizations can benefit from AI by fine-tuning project workflow and ensuring that all logistics are covered. 

This technology allows for more specific and individualized care for patients, which gives people access to even better healthcare. These skills can also be used for things like telemedicine, and to run trials for new medical equipment. 

Since telemedicine is expected to grow by 6% each year over the next 7 years, it's vital to have AI-related safeguards in place to help. Patients will receive the best care and doctors will become better at their craft.

Geographical and Municipal Information

Finally, it's important to consider the vast amount of information that can be learned about geographical areas by using AI. 

Whether you're dealing with real estate, building, architecture, government, policy-making or education, studying city and municipal information is vital. By incorporating some AI into it, we'll be able to get deeper information related to these demographics, which can improve quality of life and help with decision making.

Consider these tips to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to artificial intelligence.

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