3 Industries You'd Never Think Would Need Surveillance But Definitely Do

Some important industries may not be protecting themselves properly


Industrial sites like farms, factories, oil and gas production, and even houses of worship can definitely benefit from the security provided by video surveillance. Increased theft of raw materials and terrorism threats have made the storage, manufacturing, and shipping of goods more expensive and risky in recent years.


Farms are especially susceptible to security issues, such as acts of terrorism. According to Virginia State University, the biggest security risks for farms, nurseries, and greenhouses include unauthorized access to application equipment and farm chemicals. It is important that farms take steps to keep pesticides secure from vandals, trespassers, and thieves who may intentionally or inadvertently use these chemicals to harm other people, themselves, damage land, or the environment. It is important that farmers take steps to guard their farm against unauthorized activity.

Farmers also need to keep a close eye on their water supplies. It seems that marijuana growers in drought stricken towns commonly steal from local farmer’s water supply.

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas operations are susceptible to a number of unique and high-risk security issues. These industries must have standards in place to protect themselves and the public from terrorist attacks and other events. In addition to security issues, oil and gas industry facilities have to comply with a number of regulatory bodies, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Facilities that have to comply with the U.S. Maritime Transportation Security Act have to add additional layers of security to their infrastructure to be compliant with the regulations.

Houses of Worship

Churches are often a target for criminal activity. Church buildings are vulnerable to individuals with criminal intent. In 2009, Dr. George Tiller, an abortion doctor, was shot to death in the foyer of his church, according to the New York Times. He served as the church's usher. In addition to high-profile crimes such as this one, churches are often viewed by criminals as easy targets. Criminals see churches as an easy target because of the welcoming, forgiving environment that they foster. In addition, churches are easy for criminals to get in and out of, as they are generally large public buildings with numerous windows and doors. Large churches may contain valuable, high-tech items including multi-media such as musical instruments and AV equipment. Many churches even have retail items and valuable merchandise. Criminals realize that many of these high-value items are often in a concentrated area.

Benefits of a Security System

A properly installed security system can provide a number of benefits for your company, including:

Building Security

Advanced security services and management can safeguard building security and minimizing security risks. Security systems can prevent unauthorized entry to buildings, protect assets, and keep employees safe.

Prevent Employee Thefts

Employee thefts can result in significant costs to a business. Every year, billions of dollars are lost to employee theft. In addition, employees steal more than shoplifters, according to this study. Studies show that if employees believe they will be caught, they are less likely to steal. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable to employee theft. Many dollars are saved when business owners and managers take steps to prevent employee theft.

Protect Employees

An important part of reducing workplace stress is to make sure that you offer a safe and secure work environment for employees. Workplace security systems can ensure that only authorized individuals are granted access to the building.

Prevent Terrorist Acts

Preventing terrorist acts are very important for businesses. The gas and oil industry is especially vulnerable to terrorist attacks, which could bring operations to a costly and sudden halt. Offshore installations are miles away from shore-based support, at sea. Some are attached permanently to the ocean while some are not. The capital invested in these operations can be huge. These facilities are vulnerable to being attacked by groups that want to make a political statement or gain publicity.

Types of Security

There are many different types of security systems for business and industry. The type of security system needed depends upon the nature and size of the business. Ideally, a combination of technologies should be used to provide security. Video security can be combined with event-based video monitoring, audio intervention, GPS tracking, and other alarm monitoring services to provide comprehensive security.

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Digital cloud-based video solutions use high-definition IP video security cameras coupled with smart network video recorders. These systems offer pan, tilt, and digital zoom functionality. Recorded video can be analyzed in great detail using frame by frame viewing feature. The data is uploaded to a secure cloud-based storage. Monitored systems allow businesses to receive video event notifications and alerts instantly. These types of services would be especially useful for oil and gas security as these facilities are sometimes located offshore.

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