3 Best Ways To Improve Your Service Awards Program

Focus on the individual


Service awards program is central to retaining the best employees. It also helps in boosting morale, and improving productivity. The main purpose of the program should be to recognize employees' hard work, and loyalty to an organization. However, the nature of service awards is sometimes misunderstood, and it is wrongly implemented. This is because many organizations award prizes based on the years spent at the company, but not for the effort or work done. In some companies, events only take place every five years, and the gifts given have no sentimental value or any value at all. It is significant for every organization to develop a program that makes their employees feel appreciated.

1. Focus on individual awards

To improve your service awards, there should be a shift from reward for service to individual rewards. Many times, both words are used interchangeably as the same, but the two concepts are quite different. The purpose of this whole process is the recognition of the employees. Thus, recognition should shift from just showing up to work to individual recognition. The rewards can therefore be improved to focus on active participation. Such efforts directed at individuals benefits the organization in two precise ways. Firstly, the employees get to understand the particular quality that they are supposed to possess for them to be recognized. Secondly, the employees get to know specific goals that they are expected to achieve. The whole purpose of service reward is for the organization to achieve its desired objective, so it’s important to individually reward personnel.

2. Choosing the right awards or gifts

It’s important to have a gift that suits a person's preference. More thought should be put on individual rewards, taking into account several factors such as generation preference, individual make-up. You can ask friends or colleagues to find these out. The rewards given helps the employees to make their own choices. Thus, they should be given voucher checks or gift vouchers. In addition, such gifts act more as a reminder of their achievements both individually and to the organization.

3. Celebrate each anniversary differently

The event needs to be exciting, and celebrating it differently makes it memorable and entertaining. This means that as the years an employee stay in the organization increase, so should the procedures of celebration. The years one has served the organization should be considered when rewarding old and new employees. This means that the event should be designed to serve all. This, however, should not be confused to be an event only celebrating the years spent and not the work done.

Lastly, it’s important to recognize service loyalty much earlier, because in today's generation young people do not value staying in one organization for many years. Service rewards should be a continuous process. Annual events are appropriate, but this does not mean it should be expensive or somnolent to the organization—it needs to be meaningful and with precise appreciation. In addition, the full potential of this rewards should be recognized and exploited. The Vision, Mission, values, and history should be clearly presented to the employees. The whole event should also be used to create a bond between all the employees and the management. Service awards program should operate, and be familiar with the golden rule. The leadership of an organization should always treat the employees the same way they want to be treated at all times. This helps to establish service loyalty and commitment to an organization. All in all, for the reward to matter, it must at all-times be seen as valuable.

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