How Have New Technologies Improved Athletic Performances?

New technology has always been adopted by sports men and women, but how is it effecting performance?


Thanks to the latest technological developments, most people’s lives have been enhanced and simplified. While the true essence of sports lies in the talent of athletic performers, their game can be greatly improved by making use of modern technologies, ensuring a superior game and positive results.

Many athletes have happily embraced such technologies, utilizing sensors and chips to aid them in evaluating their performance. They have welcomed scientifically designed sports gear to assure their movements are as efficient as possible, consequently increasing their chances of winning medals and trophies.

So how have new technologies improved sporting performance?

For Creating Smart Sports Equipment

Significant sports technologies, such as ‘smart’ sports gear, are immensely popular amongst athletes to analyze their performance. Such equipment includes sensors and computers as part of their training regime. Examples of ‘smart’ equipment technologies comprises of devices to measure reaction time and frequency of movements.

British gymnast Mimi Cesar has created her ideal rhythmic floor routine by means of MotivePro. It is a vibrating suit which contains a modular system including sensors for keeping track of all movements of her body. The sensors provide her real-time responses and make her aware of her position in space. It also vibrates when any part of her body goes beyond the desired range of motion. As this reaction is immediate, Mimi is able to refine her position during her routine. Audio cues are also emitted by the suit if she goes out of alignment. The whole performance can be played back to analyze for making the routine as perfect as possible.

Contributing To Sport Equipment Research and Development

Computer Aided Design, more commonly known as CAD, has also played an integral part in designing enhanced sporting equipment, ultimately resulting in optimum athletic performances. CAD makes it possible to apply virtual design and testing techniques to each and every aspect of movements, thereby contributing to sport equipment research and development. CAD has proved to be an efficient resource for coming up with new sports products and brilliant ideas. It is mainly used to sustain protection, comfort and durability of specialized sports gear.

Improving Athletic Performances Worldwide

Latest developments in sporting technologies have led to an influx of a large range of products which are enhancing athletic performances across the world. They are effectively maintaining athlete health, observing and treating injuries by means of heart rate and body-fat monitors. This has allowed a deeper understanding and knowledge of how athletes can further push their abilities and recognize their maximum potential. Moreover, modern sporting technologies have also played their part in rectifying judging errors which ensure only the best athletes are able to win.


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