What Have We Learnt From The Horse Meat Scandal?

Lessons our supply chains should have picked up from the recent horse meat incidents.


European meat supply chains have been rocked in the last few years with the news that many companies have been supplying horse meat to their customers without their knowledge.

This has created a significant backlash with many supermarkets and restaurants being forced to take several products off the shelves to quell customer concern.

So what lessons can we take from this?

- Check, Check then check again

The importance of checking your products before they are put on shelves is vital. With the focus of many modern companies being on speed and profitability there are often pressures to skip steps to make sure that products are delivered on time or early. As we have learnt, this can have dire repercussions.

- Keep it simple

One of the main reasons that companies have found themselves in this situation and why the initial sourcing of the issues took a long time is because supply chains in many of these organisations have become too complex. With the movement of goods often having hundreds of steps, this makes accountability difficult.

- Ears to the ground

Many external influences had an affect on these supply chains, even going as far afield as media speculation that the ban of horses on the roads of Romania may have prompted this. Keeping your ear to the ground and making sure your organisation knows of elements that may have an affect on you before they have a chance to infiltrate your supply chain

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