The Use Of Automation In Social Media

Do you like having a routine? We look at how you can make your social media campaign autonomous


Back when I was in school, my clothes for the entire week were set-out, they never changed, they were in essence, automated. I used to wear jeans on Monday, sweatpants on Tuesdays and so on and so forth. What that did for me was save a lot of time. And if you’re big on saving time, or like doing something productive to save time and get more things done, then automation is perfect for you.

Now that you understand the concept, apply it to social media marketing. You have no idea how much you can achieve just by applying and mixing automation with various social media platforms to come up with a brilliant social media marketing campaign. But the big question is how can you use automation with social media and at the same time, stay in touch with your target audience?

Some Simple Rules of Thumb for Social Media Automation

Mentioned below are three important steps to understand once you realize that after you add the element of automation to social media, you will be running a smooth and efficient process. The steps are:

(1) Understanding when to use automation to engage with your audience

(2) Selecting the right tools for automation

(3) Determining the perfect automation routine

Let’s dive into all three of these important points:

Understanding When to Use Automation to Engage with your Audience

There is no doubt you’re going to get used to automation fast, so much so that it might become a bit of a habit. That’s because once you automate a single efficiency in a specific area in your marketing campaign, you’ll want to apply it to all the areas until you’ve perfected the complete workflow. However, you have to understand this is social media we’re talking about and you just can’t automate everything on different social media networking platforms.

Selecting the Right Tools for Automation

There are a number of tools designed for convenient automation of things, for example, Buffer. You can use Buffer to connect with social media platforms, like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which will enable you to form rows of content that automatically get sent at the time you choose. Automation tools such as this are perfect for onsite content curation. Buffer is just the tip of the iceberg. there are hundreds of tools you can use.

Determining the Perfect Automation Routine

Automation tools, such as the one mentioned above, allow you to create a queue of ideas and then accordingly space out everything through an entire day. It is by default that the automated system hits your audience at a more reasonable time throughout the entirety of a day. But what if you’re a bit too specific regarding the time at which the automated system should post something on your behalf? Before you can answer this question, here are some things you should consider:

  • •Determine which time zones your readers or customers are normally in
  • •Identify the times when your posts are clicked and shared and also determine the frequency
  • •When are you usually free to check up on and reply to all these interactions through your blog?

Consider these factors and determine a timeframe to make things easier.

To conclude, all that can be said is automation in social media is in the ‘in’ thing and you should start to consider the merits of social media automation and what it can do for you online marketing campaign.

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