Business Strategies Are Great Until You Get Punched In the Face

The Top 5 strategy adaptations in the face of adversity


Adversity can come at any stage irrespective of whether you’re experiencing good or bad times. These past couple of years have given birth to a number of complications than most business leaders won’t have seen in their careers. Take the example of novelist, J.K Rowling who before rising to fame and stardom, battled poverty and divorce. But against the odds, she completed her first Harry Potter, turning down 12 book publishers in the process.

However, the rest is history and she is now one of the richest women in the world. The lesson here is that, like Rowling, there are a number of small businesses that have equally harsh dark hours, which at times are life changing. There are times when business strategies, no matter how well thought out, don’t work, but whatever the circumstance, it’s important to have an unshakeable resolve in order to overcome these lapses.

In light of this, here are five strategies for business leaders, which might just help you see that ray of hope that your business needs

Don’t Let Your Emotions Cloud Your Judgment

Business leaders, in the face of adversity, never let their emotions rule their decisions. You should never see a business leader scream at his subordinates when things start to go wrong. Misinterpretation is the biggest drawback that comes out of anger and frustration so it’s important for managers to learn how to stay calm and collected in times of adversity

Avoid Taking Things So Personally

When things go wrong, the worst thing you can do is take things personally and start blaming everyone for everything that has gone wrong. You have to understand most business decisions are affected by various factors, like office politics and misguided decisions. If you want to keep things under control, show your employees you are calm and that everything is going to be fine.

Maintain Focus on the Core Aspects

If you’re a diversified company, it might help to first think and emphasize more on the core of your business and then make a list of secondary elements. When things go south, it is imperative you make it a priority to calculate and scrutinize everything. Determine what’s not not panning out as per your calculations and get on with it, making sure that you’re doing everything you can do to retain your customers

Watch Your Budget

Keep a hawk’s eye on your revenue and keep track of how you are spending it. Often, the first thing which happens when a business plunges into adversity is that they start losing money. To avoid this, scrutinize your expenses and retain as much revenue as you can to keep the machine working

Smooth Out Your Business Operations

Assessing and evaluating your business operation during a time of hardship is a smart move. It gives you the chance to scope out your expenses and also pool areas together to avoid massive costs. It is important to understand that you have to abridge your business’ operations in order to boost efficiency and quality.

In conclusion, these are some of the best strategies you can apply once you see yourself being pulled down in times of uncertainty.

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