'2016 Is The Year To Connect Social Data With Company Data And Bridge Silos'

We talk to Troy Janisch, VP of Social Intelligence at US Bank


Troy Janisch is VP/Director Social Intelligence team at U.S. Bank and teaches MBA courses for St Catherine University. He is a social media beatnik, blogger, author, and marketer with two decades of experience.

We sat down with him ahead of his presentation at the Social Media and Web Analytics Innovation Summit, taking place in Chicago this November 29-30.

What do you see as the key trends impacting the world of social media measurements and web analytics in 2016?

2016 is the year to connect social data with company data and bridge silos. Big data will have an influence on social media measurement. It will drive advances in sentiment analysis, real-language processing, and marketing algorithms.

Are there any particular developments that will make it more challenging for marketers and analysts to derive insight from social/web data?

Sentiment and Emotion algorithms are accurate, but struggle with social data because messages don't provide enough text for analysis. This means that marketers need to audit sentiment for accuracy and move beyond percentages for sentiment analysis and reporting. Net sentiment is better. It's even better with a few adjustments based on influence and the ratio of mentions to unique authors.

What are the developments that will make it easier to derive insight and enhance business value?

Big data. We are on the forefront of connecting an individual's social data with company and customer data. We need to proceed with caution so that we provide insights and value without violating a customer's privacy or threshold for data mining. Marketers will be more focused on algorithms and triggers than ever before.

Are there any obvious winners or losers as the social media & web analytics and optimization markets continue to mature and evolve?

Marketing is becoming more about 'big data' than 'big ideas.' In this new world, experienced digital marketers are clear winners over mass marketers.

What do you intend to talk about in your presentation?

It's all about leveraging social data to meet business objectives. I'll talk about how to interpret social data accurately and in meaningful ways. I'll also demonstrate the value of smart social algorithms to drive and measure real-world business results.

You can hear from Troy, along with other experts in data analytics, at the Social Media and Web Analytics Innovation Summit. Register your interest here.


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