Top 5 Most Common Social Media Mistakes

Not getting the results with Social media? We investigate


Social media might not be the be all and end all for your marketing endeavors, but it’s certainly a major facet of it. Although for some of us it’s seemingly been around forever, for others, it’s still a relatively new venture. Whenever you try something new mistakes are bound to be made, but with Social media most of them are avoidable – and below I list a few of the most common ones.

Don't Brain Dump

When you first dabble in Social media it can be very tempting to just brain dump every sinew of information you have at your disposal - not only does it make your channel look full, potentially tricking new customers into thinking that you've been doing social media since forever, but why wouldn't they want to know your stance on every topic out there?

The truth is, however interesting your content is, it won't be processed properly by your consumers unless it's released steadily - as Alyson Shontell says; it's a marathon not a sprint’. Not only will this increase the chances of your content actually being read, it will also give you more time to research everything, meaning that your consumers will only read quality.

Being prolific at the start will only increase the chances of you giving up early, not because you think social media is actually a fad, but because you simply don't have the personnel to keep creating engaging content hour after hour.

The key is, start as you mean to go on, make sure your content resonates with your consumers and don't spam them with unnecessary information.

Not Listening

You know how people that talk too much and don't listen to anything are pretty annoying? Well, if you don't listen to your consumers and brain dump at the same time, you're pretty much the digital version of them.

If your consumers want to speak to you, talk back and engage with them - one of the biggest plusses with Social media is that it gives you a platform to have two-way conversations - it should never be a monologue.

Me, me, me

Social media is a platform for PR, but that's not all it's for. Of course, the content has to be relevant, but it doesn't need to revolve around just 'BUY THIS' - address the concerns of your customers and build a brand - they'll be grateful for it in the long run and you'll gain their trust much quicker.

Underestimating the amount of work/people needed to make it work

It's simple right? Just take a couple of minutes out of your schedule each day to send out some Tweets and soon enough you'll have a channel bursting to the seams with content. Unfortunately, it's not that simple - maintaining a social program, especially for large companies, often requires a dedicated team.

As Social media is still a relatively new phenomenon, your staff may require training - you should be ready to bring in external parties to help here because as a long-term investment it will pay dividends. Be wary of third parities though, they shouldn't actually produce your content - that should be the job of the internal employees, because the stories and values behind the company will be best expressed through them.

Treating every Social Media Channel in the Same Way

Facebook isn't the same as Twitter and both are miles away from LinkedIn. This means that social media marketers have to be ready to create content that fits in with the demographic of each channel - if not, there's a good chance you'll be deemed lazy. Keep your audience in mind when you post anything, as it will not resonate will every channel in the same way.


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