Company Sustainability Starts From The CEO

5 Steps to Make That Transition Smoothly


Green living is the sustainable way to make sure that Mother Earth can continue to produce all that mankind needs to thrive. Many employees might want their companies to emphasize sustainability so I have looked at 5 steps that CEOs can take to make the transition to becoming a fully sustainable, eco-friendly organization.

Strategy Directed From Top

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has the expertise, connections and resources to develop a company-wide policy for sustainable energy. Water conservation could include more efficient equipment and employee training. The administration has the power to take the steps needed to create a more energy-efficient workplace.

Most Sustainable CEOs

Who is the most sustainable CEO on the planet? Amazon's Jeff Bezos ranks very highly. Apple's CEO Tim Cook seems to be a fashionable pick. Experts list the following as the top three sustainable CEOs:

  • Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard
  • Organic Valley: George Siemon
  • Ecover: Mick Bremans

These eco-friendly industry leaders show executives how to make energy and water conservation central to their corporate strategy.

1. Hire An Environmental Officer

Firms have financial and information technology executives - why not add an environmental executive? This ensures that the top leader has someone to advise him on the best and most environmentally-friendly policies. Employees have an advocate in management who can create, manage and control green projects.

2. Create a Plan

Establishing benchmarks for how much you want your inputs to be from renewable companies, how much of your energy should be from sustainable firms and how much you want to reduce your energy costs is a wise step. Offer incentives to managers and employees for achieving these goals.

3. Build Sustainable Headquarters

Vermont-based NRG Systems has build a headquarters that 'runs entirely on sustainable solar power, wind and wood pellets.' Surrounding your top managers with eco-friendly technology, helps them acclimatize to the new ideas, this was they will feel more comfortable in using these green products for other projects.

4. Start in the Bathroom

As silly as it may sound, the bathroom is one of the first places where a green strategy can be developed. Everyone will use this room. Organic soap can replace toxic varieties. Efficient flushing toilets and non-drip faucets are key tools in water conservation. Executives can prove that green sustainability works from the most elements of the office.

5. Make Sustainability Fun

The employees who love to go to work every day will naturally be more energetic in creating an energy-efficient mindset. They will pool their positive workplace energy and trim energy waste 24/7/365. Allowing employees to search the internet whilst working, is one of the ways that Patagonia's Yvon Chouinard emphasized as fun sustainability.

Sustainability is a great idea that can become a coherent corporate plan only with the direction of the CEO. By following these 5 steps, he or she can gradually acclimate his organization to sustainable living. Making green energy fun can increase its acceptability.

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