What did Real Users Say about Business Intelligence Tools in 2015?

Read about the top BI tools of 2015 according to the IT Central Station community


When it comes to Business Intelligence solutions, the IT Central Station community ranked the following solutions the top BI tools of 2015: Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft BI, Oracle OBIEE, and MicroStrategy. This ranking is based on four major buying criteria: scalability and performance, usability and UI, ease of development and mobile/cloud based customization. With these criteria in mind, our users submitted reviews, comparisons and ratings for each of these solutions that will help other technology users facing technology buying decisions in the future.

Tableau was ranked the #1 BI tool of 2015 by our users, with 81,887 views and 105,031 comparisons. 47% of these views came from users working at large enterprises, which are companies with over 1,000 employees. One BI expert at a financial services firm writes in his review that Tableau is 'easier to use than any competitor product I’ve used in the 15 years or so I’ve worked on MI/BI.' Additionally, this web administrator writes that Tableau 'has given us faster reporting, resulting in better management of the information, and better usage of information in decision making.'

IT Central Station users placed Qlikview as the #2 BI tool of 2015, with 73,266 comparisons and 61,209 views, 38% of which came from large enterprise users. A healthcare analytics product manager writes that Qlikview is 'powerful, scalable, and a bit addictive, allowing you to 'see' your data in ways never thought possible.' Another user echoes this sentiment, writing that with 'QlikView it is quite easy to build up a first data model (dimensional or not) and use the first stage to understand the entities and relations between it and the business. From there you can explore the business, understand the user's real requirements and needs and improve the model with a few changes, without much effort.'

Another BI architect contributes to Microsoft BI’s #3 ranking with his review, noting that with this solution, 'The response times for some functions were cut down from 90 seconds to about less than 1 second.' The same database analyst adds, 'Prior to using the Microsoft BI stack the organization was using a lot of Access and Excel applications which became cumbersome as the organization grew. These tools helped us to streamline the reports and data integration.' With these reviews and others, Microsoft BI had 64,008 comparisons and 49,246 views in 2015, 40% coming from large enterprise users.

Oracle OBIEE and MicroStrategy were ranked the #4 and #5 BI tools of 2015 by our users, respectively. A Director of Statistics and Analytics writes in his Oracle review, 'OBIEE is worthy of its ‘Enterprise’ moniker as it can handle any amount of end-to-end data thrown at it.' Alternatively, one Technical Business Executive writes in his review of MicroStrategy, 'I have been using the solution for 1.5 years and find the interactivity and low dependence of IT team very valuable to my organization.'

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