10 Tips For Those Aiming To Succeed With Their Startup

Starting a business is difficult, make it a success is even harder


A Startup is the engine that many imagine will make them rich. Or at least it will help them have a job. However, it is not a simple thing to do, and success is far from assured. Here are some tips on how to mitigate the risks that always accompany the venture

1. Have everyone understand your idea

Defend your idea with passion but understand that others may not have the same passion for your idea, so you will need to be able to explain it well in order to convince your partners and co-workers to help. Not everyone has the same knowledge or experience in the digital or technological sector so you might have to do it in a simple way, making your point clear without effort. It needs to be basic, simple and above all, logical. Despite that, it will need to be unique to set you apart from your competition.

2. Represent your idea

If you want your idea to turn into a business, think as an entrepreneur; if you want to turn your idea into a project without profit to help make the world better, think like a doctor. You can possibly get help regardless of the case, but you need to be clear about it and communicate effectively.

3. Choosing the right partners

Surround yourself with people who are a plus for your project. Your team is one of the fundamental pillars of success. Looking good and committed to people is not easy and you will have to know how to manage the different personalities on your team with diplomacy. You have to be a good leader and keep everything under control. If an issue arises, recover and return to the planned schedule by being calm and collected and always looking forward. 

Staff turnover is not good, but it doesn’t spell the end of your startup. Sometimes allowing someone new in your team gives new momentum to your project. Look for partners with the right tools to enable growth hacking for your startup.

4. Large company or self-employment

Define what you want to do with your startup early on. If you decide that your project is a business, choose between creating a large company or work alone. They are different things with different approaches and different attitudes and sacrifices. Working alone means you’ll have your own working space but you also won’t be able to delegate.

5. Be prepared for mishaps

Being an entrepreneur is hard and not everyone succeeds. Be prepared to face failure and be consistent with what you do by having your goals always clear.

6. Social skills

A good CEO or founder has to be good at public relations. You never know when you’ll meet a future business partner so do not underestimate anybody and treat everyone with respect.

7. The right investors

Treat investors the same way you treat your partners. Make sure you can get your point across and be honest with them about situations even if they’re not looking good. It might sound hard, but it’s best that they know they might lose money if they come into your project. However, you need to be confident and prove to them that you have what it takes to succeed. Prove to them that your startup is worth investing in.

Look for investors who are willing to also be your partners. In other words, investors who won’t be just a source of money, but also a helping hand in growing your business. It can go a long way. If they are experienced you can also learn from them.

8. The ever-changing market

Be prepared to face something much different from what you expected once your startup enters the market. It’s possible that customers do not respond as you thought they would or that your competition has improved. It is normal, do not panic. The market is not easy; your financial muscle allows you to adapt your business idea, to understand your clients, and to shape your enterprise, if necessary, to make it profitable. Part of this is doing market analysis on a regular basis in order to keep up at all times.

9. Patience is a must

Patience is probably one of the most important things you’ll need to succeed. It is very difficult to become a millionaire with a startup, you’ll face difficulties just like everyone else on the market. You’ll need to persevere and be patient. This does not mean waiting and not doing anything, it means keeping your enthusiasm, creativity and tenacity active at all times. Succeeding with your startup in the first year is an achievement many might call a miracle.

10. After succeeding

If you end up making your dream come true and becoming successful with your startup, the next step, is to remember other entrepreneurs and find ways to help other businesses. This way you’ll always be in the market, stay relevant and become an investor that can achieve even more.

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