10 Reasons Why an Eco-Friendly Home is Your Best Investment

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Environmentally friendly homes are far from a fleeting fad meant to appease environmentalists. The use of recycled, re-purposed, and sustainable materials have become a favorite choice for both contractors and homebuyers today. Homes with eco-friendly elements are often more valuable than those without and the following list clearly demonstrates why. 

1. Better Longevity and Strength

Many eco-friendly materials are much more durable than other commonly used building staples. For example, using recycled steel beams to build the frame of a house is much stronger than wood and makes a far greater choice for homes built in areas prone to earthquakes or high winds. There’s also the added benefit of no risk of rot or termite damage when using alternatives to wood.

2. Affordable Building Cost

When you’re renovating or building a home, you might be surprised to see just how affordable eco-friendly materials are. Due to the fact that many are made of recycled or more sustainable materials, their price points are much lower. The attractiveness and low cost of these materials make them great for investors. Some examples are recycled sliding door hardware, glass countertops, bamboo hardwood floors, cork surfaces, teak, and more.

3. Better Air Quality

One thing that often isn’t taking into consideration, is how long building materials release toxins into the air. Materials such as carpets, paints, upholstery, and plastic by-products slowly and continuously release toxins and carcinogens into the air in your home. Many eco-friendly materials are specifically labeled non or low VOC (Volatile organic compound) making them safer for the people and pets living inside your home. 

4. Higher Property Value

Because green buildings are built using newer technology and have low energy cost, their use of gas, water, other forms of energy is greatly reduced. Homes with these features are a big selling point, because buyers know they’re purchasing a more cost efficient home that will save them money. Homes like these keep a high sale value if they contains sustainable attributes.

5. Water Conservation 

Somehow water conservation often gets overlooked as big benefit, perhaps due to the fact that it tends to be one of the lower utilities in comparison to others. Water is one of the earth's most precious resources, and with the frequency and severity of droughts increasing, you’re going to want this benefit of an eco-friendly house, especially if you plan on tending a garden or keeping your lawn looking decent. Better water management can be achieved through the use of outdoor water catchers, better shower heads and faucets, and more efficient sprinklers and timer systems, as well as newer and more water efficient appliances and plumbing.

6. Saves Money On Utilities 

Having an energy efficient home means paying lower monthly utilities, which can save a ton of money over the years. These kinds of investments end up paying for themselves in the longrun. By creating a more eco-friendly home by having efficient appliances, keeping it well insulated, cracks sealed, and double-paned windows, you’ll have a more comfortable and affordable living environment.

7. More Attractive

The textural contrast that natural materials provide create interesting and attractive homes. Tiles made from coconut shells, recycled wool felt, teak wood, soap stone, are just some of beautiful and eco-friendly elements that you can use to invest in your home with.

8. Better For The Environment

This is the obvious point but one so important it should be reiterated. By investing in a more eco-friendly home, you won’t just be helping the environment during the building or remodeling process, but throughout the life of the home. The point of an eco-friendly house is that by using more naturally or sustainable materials and more efficient energy, it will release few toxins into the environment. You can feel good knowing you’re taking part in that.

9. Better During Emergencies

If you have any solar panels, you can use it during emergencies like blackouts or natural disasters when electricity might not be running. You can also store energy this way in a generator to use for your most urgent electronics and appliances in case an emergency ever happens. The buffer that solar energy provides gives people a lot of peace of mind regarding power outages. Solar panels come in all different sizes, from large panels that are installed on the roof or back of your home, to smaller, more transportable panels that you can use specifically when the electricity goes out.

10. They're Progressive

The eco-friendly market is a progressive one that isn’t going to go out of style. This is the way the future is heading, not just to appease environmentalist, but because of necessity and practicality. An environmentally friend home is growing in desirability, and will always be a smart choice.

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