8 Key Steps For Writing An Effective SEO Article

Effective SEO writing Tips


To enhance the visibility, one technique that can be effectively brought to work is the Search Engine Optimization that is usually abbreviated as SEO as many of you would find it while browsing the internet. Basically to write an SEO friendly article there are certain steps or else a certain pattern of rules and regulations to be followed which are listed below for writing an effective article:

1. Planning: The first step to write an effective SEO article is planning. It includes investment of time to note down the keywords around which the whole article is supposed to revolve including the keywords of basic information that the article aims to highlight.

2. Plotting: The second most important step is making a proper plot of the article so that there is nothing missed when discussing a subject.

3. Organizing: The third step is to organize the keywords so that an effective, detailed and informative article can be written that is easy to understand. This includes creating a beginning, middle and end. 

4. Formation of paragraphs: Another important aspect is to form proper paragraph structure instead of introducing confusing and illogical ideas. Each should focus on a single idea and this should not be continued across multiple paragraphs. For instance, if one paragraph intends to highlight the causes of something then the same paragraph should not include effects, but should be made the priority of the next paragraph.

5. Giving headings: Giving relevant titles or heading to each paragraph prepares the reader for the content they are about to read.

6. Adding hyperlinks: An important aspect is adding hyperlinks wherever sources are quoted, this lends credibility to your claims.

7. Intensity of content: Content writers often try to use difficult and complicated sentences to deliver information but forget that people want information in a simple format. So keep your content simple and to the point.

8. Vocabulary: Use a variety of language when discussing specific subjects to avoid repetition and keep things interesting.

These are the simple steps to be kept in mind while preparing an SEO article.

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