1 Mile in 1 Second

Take a deep breath, Digital transformation has just started


I am a part of the most targeted audience around the globe, millennials. 24/7 connectivity with mobile devices has given almost any brand an opportunity to grab my attention. This means every CMO, Digital Marketer of SMEs to big brands create strategies to target me.

Marketers pretend they know us well as their research says:

1. We are impatient - True
2. Goal Oriented - True
3. Connected - True
4. Independent - True
5. Strong Purchasing Power - True
6. Believe in On-Demand services - True
7. Trust Friends, Peers, and Social recommendation- Always

We always ask the same questions for these same marketers:

1. Why should I care for your brand?
2. Is this my tone and language?
3. Are we being spoken down to?
4. Can I opt out from hearing from you?
5. If you want me to talk to you, will you also listen?

Digital transformation is happening with innovative but repetitive content pouring on us using distribution channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, SnapChat, Emailers, LinkedIN, and Google.
Here is a tip from us millennials to brands:

We really love a few brands and we are open to engaging with new brands or old brands again with unique, aspiring and exclusive content.

Don't forget we care for our families, friends, society, culture and responsibilities in different ways. However, we look for direction, aspiration, value and to be celebrated for success & achievement. We want to part of something big.

We don't want to travel 1 Mile in 1 second on the same route & speed, We want to do 100 Miles in 1 sec in new directions.


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